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v0.7 Basewars Early Release
01-23-2018, 02:21 AM,
v0.7 Basewars Early Release
This has been in production for over a year with great consideration given to the design of fundamental mechanics, and what happens to money when players would otherwise "finish" the game.
The brevity of these patch notes do no favors to the amount of time, work and effort that has gone into the creation of this full and complete re-design and re-write.
Massive amounts of optimization.
Entirely new mechanics and an entirely new basis of play, including money.
Start your Base, Wars. heh

Not all of this is quiiite done yet, but right now, the BW7 Alpha is far more functional than the current live servers so it's time to get this thing rolling!

Business as usual.

Quote:> BW7 Alpha Release
> New Printers
> New Resources
> New Weapons System & Menu
> New Shop Menu
> New Base Structures
> New Save/Load Manager
> New Network Data Manager
> New Player HUD
> New Ammo HUD
> New Combat HUD
> New Notifications System
> New PlayX System
> New PlayX Menu
> New Pointshop Menu
> New MOTD Menu
> New Scoreboard
> New Chat Box
> New Menu Skin
> New Prop Protection System
> New Admin System
> New Commands System
> New Donor Menus
> New Donor Items
> New Pointshop Category: Sprays
> Server now tracks the top 100 videos played on PlayX community-wide
> Added the LAG Nation Prop Spawnlist which is a sorted list of all props from HL2, CSS and GMod
> Re-worked 4 existing base defences
> Re-worked most Vanity weapons to work with the new weapons system
> Optimized & Improved Region Growth Patterns
> New Mechanic: Resource Networks. This makes use of Pylons to share resources between structures.
> New Mechanic: Gravity Gun Interactivity
> Added Prediction to the Gravity Gun. Objects held will no longer be glitchy
> Added a 4th Talent Tree
> Re-designed the Drugs system and added 16 new combat buffs and 9 "mini" buffs and debuffs
> New Mechanic: Drug Brewing
> New Mechanic: Raid Hacking
> Re-worked Raids
> Re-worked Scanning & the Radar
> Re-worked the Lab
> Improved Prop Combat Systems
> New Mechanic: Bank. Acts as overflow to Money and contributes to your weekly score.
> New Mechanic: Weekly Leaderboard / Bank Reset. Winners of all past leaderboards will be permanently stored and shown.
> Re-worked Money, players can now only hold $1 million.
> Re-worked the BigBomb
> Re-added and re-worked the Nuke Printer
> Fixxed Sandbox Overrides
> Removed ULX
> Removed FPP
> Removed Legendary Weapons (for now)
> Removed Spells
> Removed some unused content
> Removed the Inventory. It was far too complex than it ever needed to be.
> Removed Team Fortress 2 as a resource dependency.
> Removed some old Donor items.

And there's much more coming.

> Plans to re-work M9K weapons to use the TFA Weapon Base.
> Designed a pack of 11 new tools i call VToolkit which is intended to significantly improve functionality, ease-of-use and consistency amongst the most used tools.
> VToolkit replaces the following tools: AdvDupe2 & Duplicator, Stacker, Precision, Button, Fading Door, Keypad, Color Tool, Material Tool, ColorMater, Weld, Stacker and Camera
> New VLadder Tool: Enables placing of climbable ladders and prop ladders.
> VCamera Tool: Similar to RT Cameras, but allows multiple cameras to be linked to different screens.
> VCopy Tool: Replacement for Duplicator. Will integrate functionality with the built-in Sandbox Dupes page, allowing workshop sharing of basewars dupes.
> VColor Tool: Adds a click-function that allows you to "blend" colors together between props.
> VMaterial Tool: Similar to the SubMaterial tool, except with more options.
> Materials Spawn Tab: Allows you to choose materials for all available Material tools much like how prop spawnlists work.

[Image: 440f89a8ef1cb11a5b5a07c070d397d4.png]

[Image: d1f57ffec7316900409e07ef068c66be.png]

[Image: ef54a49a6e86ad86025181d4f2ce4da5.png]

[Image: c4b553808e2d018815ec08bbc76023c7.png]
06-23-2018, 09:31 AM,
RE: v0.7 Basewars Early Release
+1 Smile

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